Dr. Dumanian Performs Innovative TMR Surgery to Create Bionic Arms for Teen

Dr. Dumanian performs TMR surgery The Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR) surgical procedure, developed by Gregory A. Dumanian, MD, and Todd A. Kuiken, MD, PhD, offers improved prosthesis control for arm amputation patients. During the TMR procedure, surgeons transfer nerves from the residual arm to target muscles that no longer have a function due to the amputation. Following transfer, the nerves reinnervate (or grow into) the target muscle, which now amplifies control signals from these nerves and produces electrical signals. These signals can be directed and used to control a prosthesis, creating a more intuitive process of prosthesis control.

Dr. Gregory Dumanian Helps First Patient in Ecuador to Receive New Type of Prosthetic Arm Technology

Bryan Torres is now the first person in Ecuador to receive the TMR surgery and a new type of prosthetic arm technology, thanks to David Krupa and the Range of Motion Project (ROMP), a non-profit organization that supplies prosthetic limbs to patients in Ecuador and Guatemala. Bryan lost both arms in an electrical injury near the shoulder and was unable to feed or clothe himself due to his injury. Prosthetics are extremely difficult to use at this high level. Mr. Krupa met Dr. Dumanian at a meeting in Denver, Colorado, and invited him to Ecuador to lecture and to perform the surgery at the Hospital Metropolitano. Dr. Dumanian was assisted by Dr. Diego Palacios, who cared for the patient postoperatively.

Additionally, the intervention couldn’t have occurred without Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley. Governor O’Malley participated in the “Climbing for ROMP” event, which helped raise the funds necessary to cover Bryan’s care costs. Also, Harold Sears donated components and time toward building the prosthesis prototype, directly leading the development of the electric arms. Pioneers and experts in the field of upper extremity prosthetics, like David Rotter from the University of Illinois Chicago, were also generous in donating their time to build the prostheses. The therapeutic tools and strategies used to help Bryan regain his independence were developed by occupational therapy expert Kristi Turner from the Center for Bionic Medicine at the Shirley Ryan Ability Labs.

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