Gregory Dumanian, M.D. (312) 695-1999
  • Abdomen
  • Face
  • Breast
  • Nerve
  • Hand


Dr. Dumanian is an expert in treating conditions of the trunk, including female and male pattern rectus diastasis, hernia repair, and cosmetic improvement of the abdomen.

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Dr. Dumanian performs the full range of aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries of the face. He specializes in face and neck lifts, and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).

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Dr. Dumanian has extensive experience in DIEP flap breast reconstruction after mastectomy. He has performed hundreds of breast reductions, augmentations, and lifts for women displeased with their breast size and shape. He is also a specialist in male pattern breast reduction.

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Dr. Dumanian has expert knowledge in the treatment of peripheral nerve problems including neuromas, cut and painful nerves, carpal tunnel syndrome, and nerve problems of amputees (targeted reinnervation).

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Dr. Dumanian is a fully trained hand surgeon, treating a wide range of functional problems of the hand including numbness (carpal and cubital tunnel), arthritis, cut tendons, and broken wrists and fingers.

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