When Can I Exercise after Hernia Repair?

Exercise after hernia repairA hernia is a painful and sometimes debilitating health issue that occurs when an organ pushes its way through a tissue or muscle opening. Dr. Dumanian is a Chicago hernia specialist for umbilical, epigastric, incisional and flank hernias, as well as rectus diastasis repairs. Although a hernia is not life-threatening in its early stages, surgical repair may be necessary in order to prevent long-term complications. Patients who are generally active or wish to be active following hernia repair often ask when they can start exercising after surgery. Dr. Gregory Dumanian, hernia specialist and triple-board-certified surgeon, explains in this blog post the best times to exercise following hernia repair.

Hernia Repair and Recovery

If the symptoms of a hernia are causing pain, emesis (throwing up), or enlarging over time, a doctor may recommend hernia repair. Dr. Dumanian specializes in open repairs of hernias, where the abdominal wall muscles are repaired with sutures and meshes. Patients who undergo open surgery for hernia repair will need to avoid certain physical activities, including strenuous exercise, for weeks to months after surgery. The level of physical activity the patient is capable of achieving also depends on the type and difficulty of the surgery. Dr. Dumanian and his team will provide detailed instructions on the appropriate timing and amount of exercise a person can engage in once the surgery has been completed. They may also modify those instructions based on the patient’s healing progress.

When Can I Return to Exercise after Hernia Repair?

Generally, patients can walk as much as tolerated after surgery. Non-impact exercise such as biking, swimming, or elliptical training can be done six to 12 weeks after surgery. Planks for core strengthening can also be done six to 12 weeks after surgery. Jumping up and down, running and impact exercise are typically avoided for at least three to six months. The amount of discomfort one experiences will also dictate the range of movement that can be achieved following surgery. Patients should not resume physical exercise until cleared by their doctor.

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