Winter Beauty Tips

Healthy Winter SkinAre the harsh effects of winter putting a crimp in your regular beauty routine? Freezing temperatures, biting winds and the dry furnace are damaging to the skin and hair especially. It’s normal to feel a bit lackluster about the way you look while fighting the bitter winter conditions. Chicago plastic surgeon Gregory Dumanian offers a few tips to restore a beautiful and vibrant appearance until spring:


One of the most widespread beauty problems in the winter is dry, dull-looking skin.

  • Avoid long, hot baths or showers, which can strip the skin of much-needed moisture.
  • Find moisturizing products that will hydrate the skin and protect it from outside elements. Milky or creamy cleansers are great; coconut oil is also popular for cleansing and moisturizing the face or body.
  • A light exfoliator is helpful to remove the buildup of dead skin cells; just be sure to choose a gentle exfoliant for the best results. Formulas with lactic acid are good for both moisturizing and exfoliating.
  • A simple mix of honey and sugar can soften dry patches on the elbows and knees. Honey is good for reducing inflammation and (topically applied) sugar improves circulation in the skin.


Dryness can affect the scalp, too, causing itching and flakes.

  • Nourish your hair with hydrating shampoo and conditioner.
  • Apply a bit of serum to the ends of the hair to protect it and prevent split ends.
  • When styling, use the low-heat settings on your hair dryer, flat iron and curling iron.
  • A haircut or trim to remove dead and damaged ends is also good for energizing the hair.
  • Wool hats — although warm — can cause static cling and matted-looking hair. Cotton alternatives are typically less clingy.


Nutrition can help restore a beautiful glow to your complexion. Consume a well-balanced diet including the following foods:

  • Oily fish (e.g., salmon, tuna) – high in omega-3 fats; good for maintaining collagen and elastin for plump, healthy looking skin
  • Spinach and avocado – high in vitamin E to protect skin from UV rays and cell damage
  • Tomatoes and citrus fruits – high in Vitamin C to prevent wrinkles
  • Seeds and nuts – full of zinc to prevent skin irritation


In addition, try to cut down on alcohol and caffeine, which can dehydrate the skin.

Consider Cosmetic Enhancement

If you have additional cosmetic concerns about an area of your face or body — for example, facial lines or wrinkles, saggy abdominal skin or asymmetrical breasts — consider talking to board-certified plastic surgeon Gregory Dumanian about a solution. He offers a full range of procedures designed to improve the appearance of the face, breasts or body, and would be pleased to meet with you for an informational consultation to discuss your treatment options. Please call our office at 312-695-1999 or send us an email.