Hand surgery involves any condition affecting the body from the wrist to the fingertips. Packed inside the hand are tendons, nerves, bone, blood vessels, and skin, and each of these structures at times require treatment.

Dr. Dumanian is a fellowship trained and certified hand surgeon, and treats the full spectrum of hand disorders. Specialties within the office include nerve disorders such as carpal tunnel, treatment of broken bones (fractures), arthritis surgery, and open wounds of the hand. Release of contractures due to Dupuytren’s disease is a commonly performed procedure by Dr. Dumanian. Reconstruction of hands with hardening of the arteries due to vascular disease is another specialty.

Both plastic surgeons and orthopedic surgeons perform hand surgery, and the groups of surgeons have different interests. For plastic surgeons, the hand typically stops at the wrist, though in many instances we will treat the soft tissues of the arm. Conditions of the bones in the upper arm and forearm are typically referred to our orthopedic colleagues, as are conditions of the wrist for which arthroscopy is beneficial.

Dr. Dumanian has a certificate of added qualification in hand surgery, and performs the full range of care of the hand including broken wrists, sprains, fractured fingers, burns, and hand ischemia. He is a leader in Chicago of “wide-awake” hand surgery, performing many hand procedures including carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel releases in the office with just local numbing medicine. He also is a national leader in the evaluation and treatment of cut nerve endings, or neuromas.

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Patients seeking reconstructive surgery in Chicago often visit the practice of renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Gregory Dumanian. Dr. Dumanian is fellowship trained in a number of reconstructive procedures, such as nerve, hand and breast reconstruction surgery.