Why Do Hernias Recur After They Are Repaired?

Hernia RecurrenceUnfortunately, surgery will not necessarily prevent a hernia from recurring. The reasons for recurrence vary. In this blog post, Chicago hernia specialist Dr. Gregory Dumanian discusses some of those reasons as well as ways to lower the chance of recurrence.

Hernia Recurrence

The most common reasons for hernia recurrence are the difficulty of the hernia repair (the size of the defect and how long it has been present) and if there will be contamination present due to wounds, ostomies, or needing to do bowel work at the same time as the hernia repair. Contamination will determine if Dr. Dumanian will use a sheet of mesh or use mesh like a suture to simply sew the defect closed. Another factor for hernia recurrence is the patient failing to follow post-op recovery instructions properly. For instance, resuming exercise or returning to work too soon after surgery can cause complications and increase the chances of another hernia developing on the abdominal wall. Patients are advised to get plenty of rest for the following days (and weeks) after surgery. The amount of recovery time needed will depend on the complexity of your surgery and your personal healing progress. In any case, do not resume normal activities until Dr. Dumanian clears you to do so. Click here to learn more tips on how to prepare for incisional hernia surgery recovery.

Hernia patients are also advised to avoid smoking after surgery. Smoking inhibits the body’s ability to heal properly and can increase the risk of a complication and infection. Prior to your surgery, Dr. Dumanian will go over post-op recovery instructions in detail with you.  Following hernia surgery, patients should maintain a healthy and stable weight.

The Surgeon’s Experience and Technique Matter

The success of hernia surgery (as well as the likelihood of recurrence) is highly dependent on the surgeon that performs the procedure. A qualified surgeon is one who is trained and skilled in the latest surgical techniques in hernia surgery. They should have a high success rate but should also know how to handle any possible complications that may arise during surgery.

As a leading hernia specialist, Dr. Dumanian is at the forefront of the latest surgical techniques in hernia repair. The renowned surgeon has found that using a permanent mesh during the procedure can drastically lower hernia recurrence rates. The mesh serves two purposes: it reinforces the abdominal wall and it limits the tearing of tissues by sutures. Dr. Dumanian will decide on whether this technique is best for your case following a thorough examination.

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