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Dr. Dumanian Performs Innovative TMR Surgery to Create Bionic Arms for Teen

The Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR) surgical procedure, developed by Gregory A. Dumanian, MD, and Todd A. Kuiken, MD, PhD, offers improved prosthesis control for arm amputation patients. During the TMR procedure, surgeons transfer nerves from the residual arm to target muscles that no longer have a function due to the amputation. Following transfer, the nerves…Read More…

1st World Congress in Hernia Surgery, Milan, Italy, April 2015

Dr. Dumanian will have three presentations at the world meeting in Hernia Surgery in Milan, Italy.  He will present his research using a mesh suture for laparotomy closures, he will present his aesthetic surgery abdominoplasties with mesh, and finally he will recount his experience using MOTIF mesh in contaminated ventral hernia repairs.


Chicago Plastic Surgeon Dr. Dumanian combines a excellent training with a caring and attentive bedside manner. He is triple board-certified in plastic surgery, general surgery and hand surgery. He currently holds the position of Associate Professor of Surgery and Program Director of Plastic Surgery. He lectures nationally on repair of the abdominal wall. This gives…Read More…