Can I Have Tummy Tuck Immediately After a C-Section?

Tummy tuck after C-sectionAccording to statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), abdominoplasty (or tummy tuck) procedures were one of the top 5 cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2015. Pregnancy, which can cause unwanted weight gain and stretching of the skin around the abdomen, is a common reason why abdominoplasty procedures are performed.

Some women consider scheduling a tummy tuck immediately after delivering a baby via cesarean delivery (C-section), to bring their body back to its original pre-pregnancy state. Careful consideration should be taken in these situations in order to avoid complications and optimize results. In this blog post, Dr. Gregory Dumanian discusses what pregnant women should consider before deciding to undergo a tummy tuck immediately after a C-section.

Tummy Tuck After C-Section: Is It Effective?

Tummy tuck procedures are highly effective and can produce long-term results; however, without proper planning and consultation with a professional, these results may be compromised after pregnancy. Although having a tummy tuck immediately after a C-section may sound enticing, some doctors, including Dr. Dumanian, recommend against this for various reasons.

Recovering from a C-section can take a number of weeks for some individuals. Adding a second surgery, like tummy tuck, can lengthen healing time. In addition, taking care of a newborn while recovering from two surgeries can be both frustrating and physically and mentally exhausting.

Also, complications associated with both procedures can be more substantial compared to when the procedures are performed separately. Following a C-section, blood flow to the abdominal tissues increases, in turn upping the risk of bleeding during or after tummy tuck. Women who deliver via C-section may still be candidates for a tummy tuck procedure, but usually after appropriate recovery from the initial surgical procedure. Pregnancy also stretches the skin and makes it difficult for a surgeon to gauge the appropriate amount of skin to take off, which can lead to subpar results.

Potential tummy tuck candidates should assess their long-term pregnancy plans, as additional pregnancies can revert the body back to its pre-tummy tuck shape. Ideally, an expecting mother should consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to assess her current health status and whether a tummy tuck would make sense following surgical delivery.

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