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I just returned from giving two lectures at the above course.  The first detailed my technique for a direct supported repair using soft prolene mesh to buttress a components separation procedure.  The second demonstrated techniques to rearrange the skin and achieve wound closure at the time of hernia repair.  Several members of the audience asked me to post the video, and I believe that the youtube link will be self explanatory.

Thank you Dr. Dumanian, for giving me use of my leg and my life back.  The many other treatments I had tried over the years (including physical therapy, prolotherapy, steroid injections, iontophoresis, and sympathetic nerve blocks) had reduced some of the hypersensitivity, but couldn’t touch that incredible nerve pain that prevented me from doing just about everything.  Shortly after your surgery, I was able to stand, take care of the house, carry things like groceries, go up and down stairs, and find that I am walking further each week.  I should be back swimming, biking, and dancing soon!