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Nipple Reconstruction ProceduresFor many women who have had breast cancer and subsequent breast reconstruction, nipple reconstruction is an important part of the process. Dr. Gregory Dumanian has witnessed first-hand how creating a realistic-looking nipple helps his breast reconstruction patients feel more like themselves after their experience with cancer. Nipple reconstruction can provide a sense of much-needed “closure” for his patients.

According to the American Cancer Society, most breast cancers start in the cells that line the milk ducts, which are intricately linked to the nipples. Because of this, the nipple and as much breast tissue as possible are traditionally removed during mastectomy.

Just as there have been amazing advances in technique and technology to recreate the breast mound, there are similarly exciting opportunities for nipple reconstruction.

Nipple reconstruction is an optional step, and is typically performed as a separate surgery to make the reconstructed breast look more like its original form. When performed by Dr. Dumanian and his qualified, experienced team, the result will look very lifelike. It’s important to note that the reconstruction procedure will not restore sensation, and the breast and nipple area will be numb.

How Dr. Dumanian Recreates the Nipple

After the newly constructed breast has had time to heal, Dr. Dumanian will take skin from the breast area to create a normal-looking nipple on the breast mound. Later, his staff will tattoo the nipple so it matches the color of the nipple and areola of the other breast; or, in the case of a bilateral mastectomy/reconstruction, fulfills the patient’s personal preferences.

In order to achieve the best aesthetic result, Dr. Dumanian and his team are mindful of several considerations:

  • The size of the nipple should be in proportion with the rest of the breast – not too small or too large
  • The nipple should be positioned in the center of the breast – not on the side of the breast
  • The tattoo pigment (reddish, pink or brown) should complement the woman’s skin tone or existing areola
  • The nipple should look three-dimensional – as if it projects out from the breast


Dr. Dumanian would be happy to provide more information about breast and nipple reconstruction during a personal consultation. To schedule an appointment with him, please call the office at 312-695-1999 or send us an email today.

I distinctly remember my first visit with Dr. Dumanian.  I was 6 months post-treatment for Inflammatory Breast Cancer, I felt emotionally and physically defeated and I was pretty sure there wasn’t much that could be done about the way I looked.  I think normalcy was as much as I felt I could possibly hope for.  However, Dr. Dumanian’s reconstructive expertise has far exceeded my expectations.  I’m pretty sure I can now say I look better than I did before breast cancer!  When I researched who I would choose as my plastic surgeon I noticed that Northwestern described him as having a “caring and attentive” bedside manner.  I couldn’t agree more.  During my initial exams I think I cried more than once and he always sat with me and always leaned in on what I was saying, like it mattered to him that I heal both physically and emotionally.  I traveled to Chicago for my care and he has always made himself available for questions and concerns following surgery.   I have three small children and they love to see the transformation of their mom.  I remember after my last procedure when my daughter said “wow mom, you look pretty!”  I never thought I’d hear that after breast cancer and here I am….and I believe it!  I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate you Dr. Dumanian!